Global Tang Soo Do Association

MISSION: To grow the art of Tang Soo Do by serving our Members, School Owners, and communities. Members of GTSDA benefit from the decades of knowledge and expertise in Tang Soo Do by our Great Grandmaster T.M. Kim, our Grandmaster T.H. Kim, and the Masters in GTSDA.

GTSDA provides assistance by providing training and certified rank in Tang Soo Do. We also provide business coaching and personal mentoring to martial artist. GTSDA provides Rank Certification for color belts (Gups) all the way to high level Black Belt Certification (Dan). The GTSDA hosts regular tournaments, special events, Master Training programs and classes, clinics, and karate camps for member students.

Contact Us today to find out more information or how to become a member.  We would love for you to join the GTSDA family!

Global Tang Soo Do Association Headquarters:

1990 Main Street East, Suite A-D, Snellville, GA  30078

Phone:  (770) 972-7418


Grandmaster Tong Hwan Kim

Global Tang Soo Do Association

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